Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inviting dirt bags to a roof top party

I heard an objection today that I hadn't posted recently. So, here is a summary of the week.

They delivered the rest of the top soil bags last Thursday. While I waited for Darell to arrive, I went wondering around the field. I spotted a plant I didn't remember seeing before. It has lovely little flowers. I saw ones with yellow flowers and ones with white flowers.

The lovely mystery plant.

Thats a lot of dirt bags in one place.

I didn't get the chance to do any more until the weekend. My dad and I continued to work on getting the roof box put together, which will be used to manage the few roof penetrations I am going to have.

The sides will be constructed from composite deck boards (Trex in this case) and will be attached to a framework on the inside, and provide backing for the flashing that will go on the outside.

The boards for one side of the box.

To make the inside frame, we decided to reuse some of the joist that wasn't put in the roof structure. We cut out a couple sections, and brought them home. Then we had to trim them to the exact length we needed.

After the sparks were done flying, we bolted together one of the frames we will attach to the sides.

The weather was very calm on Sunday, and we went out in the afternoon and finished getting the waterproofing all on the roof. Mom took pictures, and made sure we took frequent breaks and drank lots of water. It was hot, but with almost no wind, the sheets went on pretty easily. I wish we had those conditions when we had put the first layers on. We still need to trim the front plastic sheet, and the last drainage layer sheet so that it fits the overhang properly.

Monday, we went out and checked the level between the air vent pipes, and a couple places near the solar array, so that I could decide where we would be digging the trench for the air vent pipes. We took some other measurements and discussed some options on things.

Here you can see how the drainage sheets are now all hanging down the East side, waiting to have dirt put on top.

We weren't out there very long, so mom just sat in the truck, but it was sunny, so we put up a construction site sun shade.

Even boxes from plastic sheeting can be re-used.

On Tuesday, Adam called me to find out when we could get together to work out the details for covering the roof in dirt. I went out after work to meet him. While I waited, I decided to be productive, and got about a half pallet loaded on the roof. Then he showed up, and we both worked on it and got another pallet loaded on the roof. I went over the details of things to keep in mind as they loaded up the roof.

More roof covered.

Yesterday morning Adam and a few others went out, and worked their way through about 9 pallets before it got too hot. Adam used his Bobcat to move the pallets around so they didn't have to walk as far with the bags, and I expect that also helped speed things up.

After the first day, a majority of the roof was covered.

Although we had storms overnight, Adam and friends, went out there today, and finished covering all of the sheeting that can be covered. My dad and I have to get the last piece of drainage layer in place, and get the hole for the roof box precisely placed, so that they can finish putting the bags on the roof. I am hoping that we will get the box done this weekend, and be able to put it on early next week. We will just have to see.

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