Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Burying a house

Last Saturday, Matt was able to go out with us. With Matt, my dad and I we were able to finish covering the north wall with drainage material. We also finished loading the scrap foam, and plastic, and extra drainage material into the ventilation/power trench.

The last sheet of drainage is installalled on the house.

The trench is now ready for backfill.

Adam had planned to come over on Saturday, but he found he had some prior commitments, so continuing to backfill would have to wait till Sunday afternoon. They were predicting some gusting winds, so we threw some dirt in the trench to help keep things in place. It wasn't much, but I figured it would keep the edges down out of the wind, and that would keep things in place.

While Matt was there, we got the pieces put together for the drip edge that will go over the garage side, once we have the siding on. Having three people to handle these big pieces for getting them on the roof, really helps. Matt also helped us move a number of the extra pieces of wood, up into the joists in the garage, where they are handy, but out of the way.

Sunday, I went out fairly early. I worked on cleaning and straightening up materials and tools. I was expecting to do that in the morning, then in the afternoon Adam was to come over and continue backfilling. Well, part way through the morning, I heard the Bobcat coming up my drive. Ok, time to work with Adam to ensure things got backfilled the way I wanted, and to answer any questions that came up.

 Adam filling in the trench.

After Adam had used up the dirt that had been excavated originally he was having trouble digging through the dry clay. We went and looked for places on my property where the ground might have more moisture, and so be softer. He tried a couple places. He found a spot in the woods that looked promising. As he started working on that, I went to get some lunch. When I came back, I saw that he had managed quite a bit of filling. He had also thought the the place would look better with a bush on the side of the house. It is a thought, but it wasn't even up to final grade, a little soon to be planting bushes.

Was he serious, or just showing off how good he could manipulate things with his Bobcat?

Adam finished what he could do until we had some rain to soften things up. So he left, and shortly afterwards, my folks showed up. My dad and I worked on getting the furring strips up on the front of the house. I wanted to get it ready for siding.
All the furring strips are in place on the front. Ready for siding.

Then we worked on the overhang some more.

Monday, Adam went out and got some more dirt moved. We were still waiting for rain to show up. They kept predicting it, and it kept failing to show. Then on Tuesday, we had a large line of storms come through and drop a good amount of rain. The storms brought high winds which looks to have knocked over another tree, but the rain was good. Adam went out this afternoon, and got more earth moved. The rain had helped, and he was able to move quite a bit, before he got back down to dry clay.

North side almost completely covered.

Adam was able to almost cover the whole north side. He still has a bit more to get it buried, and more fill is needed to get the grading the way it needs to be. He is going to do some more work on it tomorrow. Hopefully, when I get out there, my house will be fully buried.

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