Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cut, paint, hang...repeat...

Last Saturday was a good day to work on the house. We lit up the heater and spread plastic to work on painting more of the Hardie panels.

We had previously cut and painted one of the panels for the front. We got that hung, and took measurements for the next set of panels. We cut the panels, primed them, and let them dry while we went for lunch.

Priming in the dining room.

When we got back, we got more panels cut. Then we hung the ones that we had cut earlier in the day.

Here I am pre-drilling for the screws that will be used to hang the panel on the wall.

Three panels up on the front.

We have the other three large panels for the front, cut and primed. We still need to cut openings on two of them for the lights next to the front door, and the outside outlet. The weather forecast isn't looking too good for the rest of this week though, so I am not sure if that will happen this weekend. Trimming the panels for over the windows will present its own set of challenges. Cutting the curves in this stuff could be very slow work. Not that cutting straight lines in it is a piece of cake, but... Well, we shall see.

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