Monday, April 4, 2011

A special visitor arrives to inspect progress

This weekend started on Friday afternoon. Mom and dad came out, and we got the rest of the panels up on the front side of the house.

We also got the first part of the support for the soffit panels put up. Matt was going to be able to join us on Saturday, so we were hoping to get some good progress made on installing the soffit panels.

Saturday, we got out there fairly early, and started putting up the top trim piece on the wall. This will also provide support for the soffit material on the house wall. We got that all put up in the morning, and it was looking like a productive day.

The top Trex trim board runs just under the overhang.

After lunch we were going to start hanging the soffit panels. We got the first one out to cut it to fit, and we started thinking about all the pieces and how they would have to go together, and realized we had a couple things that were going to conflict with one another. The vent pipes, were centered roughly where the front and back panels would meet, and where they would need support installed. Hmmm, the supports would have to run right through the vents. We batted various ideas around, including cutting the panels into short pieces, and running them from front to back, rather than side to side. We burned up some good weather trying to figure that out. Another lesson. When you have good weather, and come to an impasse, take photos and measurements so you can think about the issue when the weather isn't good, and switch to working on something else that needs good weather. Then the rain showers started to come through. We didn't finish nearly as much as I had hoped.

This afternoon, mom, dad and I went out again. The weather was good. We ran string through the conduit runs that will get wires put in them for the solar and generator, and also measured the lengths, so I know how much wire to buy. We put the string in, to pull rope in at later date. The rope will be used to pull the wires through the conduits.

My niece showed up to inspect the progress on the house. She was accompanied by her parents of course. She took multiple tours of the inside, walked across the roof, and seemed to think that looking down from there was pretty neat. She also did some earth moving.

Ooh, lots of rocks and dirt to play with.

Then she sat down to a gourmet dinner (I believe it was three courses) as sunset approached. She had exclusive seating, and looked to thoroughly enjoy the ambiance of the dining experience.

Fruit, PB&J and cottage cheese.

Dad and I worked on the panels to go in the garage opening. We had to fit the end panels for the top of the garage opening so they would go where we wanted them. The end panels to go on the sides have a tapered bottom to follow the garage floor and they needed to have a cut out to match how the trim work will fit with them on the outside of the wall. This took a little while to cut, but they are now ready to have primer put on the cut edges, and then be attached to the V-Buck.

Dad is trimming the bottom, so it will follow the contour of the garage floor at the doorway.

After we got those pieces cut, we worked on the draft-blocking for the center wall. The center wall will have ducts, wiring, gas pipe, and plumbing that will need to run through it between the front and back of the house. So, I don't want to have the drywall go all the way to the roof, with holes that have to be sealed up. However, code requires that if the drywall doesn't go to the top of the wall, then draft-blocking needs to be put in. So we are putting in blocks so that the drywall only has to go up the wall most of the way, and above this, the utilities can be run through without worrying about the drywall. But the space between the studs in this wall is narrow, so that complicates trying to fasten blocks in place. Each block is being fastened with pocket screws, which allow us to put the fasteners in without having to get a tool in between the studs.

Well, it was a productive weekend. We got a lot done, but I had hoped to get further on a couple of the items than we did.

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