Thursday, July 7, 2011

A hot time at the house

It has been a fairly productive week. The generator conduit run is finished. It still needs to have wires spliced, but the conduit is all in place now.

Plants have been growing quite well.

Where's my house?

I have some plants with lovely little flowers that are providing a "border" to my driveway.

We were going to need more of the pieces of re-bar to hold the next retaining wall together, so I worked a while last Saturday, and turned a few long pieces of re-bar into many short pieces.

Adam had also removed some of the bushes that were in the way of my trenching, so as the ground dries out some more, I will be back to digging my trench.

Then Matt came out and helped me work on finishing the blocking on the support wall. We set up some shade for the generator. I think it has shut down before because of getting too hot with no wind and out in the sun.

With Matt's help, I finished the blocking.

I had also made a purchase. Every time I got up on the scaffold inside, at some point I would hit my head on the joists. So I got myself a hard hat.

It helps to keep the skull from hurting. I am sure it will be handy to have as I work on running ductwork, wiring and plumbing up through the joists.

Tuesday, Adam came over and worked on more grading around the retaining wall extension.

Today, we met out at the house, and started the second extension. We made some good progress with the ties we had left. By lunch we were exhausted and called it a day for working on the extension.

After lunch, I picked up the plates to put on the bolts for the tie backs. They turned out quite nice. I was thinking of painting them, but decided that with the weathered wood, it would look better to let them rust on the surface naturally.

With the current weather being pretty hot, I think Adam and I are going to work in the evenings, and weekend mornings on the retaining walls. Working during late morning or afternoon, just exhausts us.

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