Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving the earth

A good weekend, but not much new to report. We continued with the gas lines in the house. Mom finished painting all the pieces that needed paint (for now). We finished up the two doors into the garage, I just have to clean up the spray foam insulation that I used to seal around them. Adam came over on Friday night to see if he could roll his Bobcat over....yes we moved a little dirt, and Adam scared himself a couple times. He filled in the trench where my ventilation drainage is, then we worked on getting the slopes around the retaining walls, filled back up to the roof line. There are a few places that are still very steep, and Adam had one time where he pretty much stood the Bobcat on its hind wheels. I need to find some good ground cover plants, and get them established on those slopes before the weeds come back.

I am hoping in a couple weeks to have some late evening parties, moving top soil onto my roof. It is also about time to get my drywall ordered.

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