Monday, January 2, 2012

So over the holidays, I got a number of things taken care of. Primarily with the plumbing, but that wasn't the only thing we worked on.

We worked on constructing the plenum, that will take the incoming fresh air, and collect it into one pipe. It will also be connected to the heat recovery ventilator to allow heat to be transfered between the incoming air, and the outgoing air. We are building this out of wood. It will all be primed when I am done with it, and it will eventually have a collector for any condensation that runs into it from the ventilation pipes, but that should not be an issue during the winter, so right now, it is just being put together so we can get it mounted and complete the ventilation system.

This is the frame for it, which will get attached to the wall in the utility room. The other sides are constructed, and will be put on after we mount it to the wall.

I got some nice rugs for places in the house such as in the kitchen and in front of the washer and dryer, for Christmas. I also went shopping more than once for things I will need. I got some cushions for on the window seat, and we are start constructing it and have gotten wood for the structure.

This should go nicely with the hickory wood on the cabinets.

A neighbor was over New Years Eve morning, to check for mice.

We changed a bit of the plumbing. The pressure pump was transferring a lot of vibration through the PEX tubing, so I replaced the pieces on either side, with some flexible tubing to quiet things down.

We also got the connection box for the washer, and the hose spigots mounted.

 Hot and cold spigots in the garage.

 Ready to be connected once I run the PEX lines to them.

Oh, by the way, the painted plywood on the left in those photos, is mounted perfectly vertical. The studs on the left, are not perfectly vertical!

We also got more drain lines set up. Now the drain for the water heater exhaust condensate is run to the floor drain.

 The condensate drain is coming out of the gray plastic fittings, and running over to the wall.

The hose (coming up from the bottom) is running from the boiler drain on the pressure tank fittings, so I could drain the system to change the plumbing on the pressure pump. The elbow hanging in mid air, has a piece of pipe that will drop into the floor drain but is not connected at the moment. I needed a bigger floor drain! Although, there are only two lines that will regularly have water coming out. That is the condensate line, and the drainage line from the pipes on the back wall. The two pipes running close to the floor, are for the drain pans under the holding tank, and the water heater.

I am hoping to be ready for my rough plumbing inspection in the next couple weeks. Then the ventilation system and electrical wiring need to be finished and inspected. After that, I get started on the finish work.

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