Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multicolored inside, and green on top

It has been a while, and I have been busy. I got the dry-waller in, and he got to work covering all those walls.

My dad and I built the support for the arch into the family room. We used pieces that we had cut out of the Hardie panel over the front window, as a guide to make a similar arch to walk through.

We also got some of the electrical finish work done. The outside lights are up, the lights inside the garage work, and the electrical panels are now closed up.

The drywaller got the arch covered, and it was looking pretty good.

We worked on getting the fronts for the columns fabricated, and put in a panel for access to the master bath tub plumbing.

Walls were now covered...

Things were greening up outside...
Time to do a little painting. First all the interior walls were primed. Then we started with the paint...

Everything is growing outside while we paint the inside.

After putting about 21 gallons of primer and paint on the walls, we are ready for the ceiling to be installed. They are working on that this week. Today they finished hanging the grid, and tomorrow they start putting panels in. I was worried that the contractor would have some trouble with the utility room. Yesterday, he told me my house, including the utility room, was a piece of cake compared to some places he has installed ceiling in (although those were factories). If he does as good with the panels as he has done with the grid, this is going to look very good.

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