Monday, October 26, 2009

Waiting to hear...

Hmmm, well everyone is obviously wondering, do I have water yet? Did they strike oil? Did they bring up some horible creature that will devour all in its path? Don't worry I am not Roger Corman, and I would be quite upset after finding such a nice piece of property, if I had to go looking again because of some natural resources being found.

I haven't talked to the drillers again. But I decided to take a couple hours and just enjoy wondering around the property and taking photos yesterday. Drilling is messy business.

I took a look at the muck. It would appear maybe some worms made there way out of the ground and across the muck, judging by the tracks I saw.

I am hoping to hear tomorrow how the drilling is going. Hopefully they aren't half way to China yet, but my understanding is that getting a good well in this area can be a challenge.

There are more striking views on my way to and from the property, but I didn't think this was bad either. I should have taken a lawn chair and a book. It was a very nice day.

I also took pictures of some of the honeysuckle that is around.

The berries look quite stunning.

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