Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looks like I have a well, but...

Newt called today to tell me how the well was going. Alright, so the drillers got down somewhere over a hundred feet, and they apparently got a flow that they thought would be good. However, it was salt water that was flowing! He asked them if they were joking (he hadn't run into this one before) and they said no, it was salt water. They told him that there was water at a shallower level (only about 30 feet down) but it had been a pretty low flow and had a lot of sediment apparently. They did not believe that going deeper was going to get past the salt water. So they are going to fill in the bottom portion of the hole to seal off the salt water, so that I can use the water from the shallower location.

We will have to see how it tests. Hopefully that goes OK. This could be very interesting, since my estimate is that the level they seem to have gotten water is about the same level as Buck Run Creek nearby. I wonder what that means. At least I shouldn't have any high water table issues with the house.

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