Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why couldn't the snow wait?

Well there hasn't been much progress. I am working on learning how to do the electrical and plumbing myself (with my dad's help). That should allow me to save quite a bit off the original budget, or make some further enhancements to the character of the house. My dad is working on a design for the air intake that will bring fresh air into the home. Newt and I are still working to get the materials to insulate and waterproof the roof lined up. The weather is not cooperating on that front either. We got more snow. I went out today, to see how things were looking. I didn't have any trouble, till I got onto the road where my house is. They had plowed, but it was basically snow covered and slick in spots. I put it in four wheel drive the rest of the way. The snow on my driveway was pretty deep, but I didn't have any trouble climbing up it. I only had a problem, when I tried to get fairly close to the home. It looks like there was a layer of almost solid ice. So then the truck slid sideways and got stuck.

I got out to survey the situation before I tried anything. The tires left tread impressions in the snow up to a point. Then there were no more tread impressions. It was packed solid, and darn slippery. So I got back in the truck, and decided this was as good a place as any to learn how to get myself unstuck, using an automatic transmission. I managed to rock the truck, and get it turning toward the woods and down hill a bit. That let me get off the hard packed snow and regain some traction.

I made quite a mess of the snow!

I got unstuck and turned around.

I measured the snow in some spots, and it was about 6 inches deep. With the snow covering the roof, the home looks pretty much like it will when we get the insulation on top.

Then ends are nicely wrapped in a snow blanket.

The thickness of insulation on top, will be similar to the thickness of snow that is up there right now.

Things got overcast again, so I didn't take the time to go down to the creek to take more photos. Sorry.

I did take a look around inside though. I had another inspector stop by. This one was much smaller. The prints looked to be from four feet, and it looked like a hopping type of gait. I didn't see any evidence of a tail (but then if I had a tail, I would try to keep from dragging it through the snow). I am guessing this was a mouse.

 Mouse, or something else, in my house?

I want to get the insulation and waterproofing on the roof as soon as possible. However, the current arrangement, does make for some pretty decorations.

The steel and wood offer a very organized geometric visual, then the ice comes along to add flowing natural touches. 

Well, they are predicting cold temperatures and more snow. I guess we will just have to wait on making any more progress at the home. I am working on wiring up parts for the solar power system, and I am doing lots of reading. I am going to be paying the concrete guys for the work they have done, and I talked to Doug about the piers that will be needed for mounting the solar panel racks. We can't pour the floor in the garage, or put in the piers for the racks, until the ground thaws. I am planning to talk to the building inspector about some questions I have on the wiring and the plumbing. Hopefully that goes well.

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