Saturday, February 6, 2010

The snow returns

We had a decsent little snow storm roll through the area. Time to take more photos!!

I think I drove up my driveway, but I just sort of aimed for where it should have been.

 Snow as roof insulation?

Snow backfill? Not so good.

Icicles on the inside.

It is interesting to note, that while it was just at freezing, some of the snow was melting and dripping down between the steel sheets. It was overcast, but perhaps the floor had gotten warmed enough to add enough heat to the roof to get it above freezing in spots.

Looking toward the west, out the front doorway.

I looked things over and talked to Newt about what we want to do for the waterproofing of the roof, which is one of the next things that needs to be done. He had a bid for the roofer to put down a protective layer of fiberglass sheeting, and then lay down a rubber membrane over that. Although the waterproofing is critical, I had felt that the price seemed high. In researching earth sheltered houses, I had seen other methods used. Among them, is using a self adhesive ice and water proofing material, that is normally installed under shingles to protect against damage from ice dams. I also asked Newt to check what the cost would be for the waterproofing material that Nudura offers for waterproofing the walls. I asked him to check with them if they thought it would work on a roof type installation. The self adhesive material I was looking at, weighs 33 pounds for each roll, which covers about 100 square feet. That won't be too difficult to get onto the roof. Besides potentially saving quite a bit of money, by going with a self installed material, I can also take a little extra time to keep from harming the insulation as the waterproofing is installed.

I didn't wonder down to the creek today. So just some pictures of the woods on my property, and how the snow painted them. Click on them for the full size images.


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