Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You changed the design again??

With any luck, my dad and I will be getting the waterproofing on the roof this Thursday. It has been raining most days for the last week, and I checked on things yesterday. I have pools of water, and very wet framing. I don't like having all this framing wet, not one bit. The dirt for covering the roof will still have to wait a couple weeks, but I can't let the roof go any longer, it needs to be covered, so the inside can dry out.

This is all going much slower than I intended. On the upside, when you are going slow with a construction project you may as well take the time to re-evaluate your options. I have been looking at the outside design I had, and I keep morphing it. I have now removed the stone, and filled in more detail. Here is the latest version of what I want to do with the outside.

 Tudor style, earth sheltered home version

I'm still playing with options on the garage side, but it is coming along.

The garage side still needs something...

I will have to see what it looks like when I make the garage door look like what I really want. The drawing package does not have much variety when it comes to garage doors.

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