Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The walls rise, and the overhang closes in

Well, the walls got moved. Scott had the walls taken back down and lined up where I had wanted them.

Now being built where they were supposed to be.

They worked on getting the walls put up, and getting them inspected as they went. Here are some pictures of how each wall has been going...

While they have been building walls, I have been working to get the overhang all sealed up, and closed in. Some of the challenge is just from trying to get something like this, very well insulated, and then waterproofed, and then still having a good way to attach the finish materials to the outside. The other challenge, is in dealing with the "as built" structure. For instance, every other joist was supposed to have a metal plate on the end, where we could attach materials to. Well, the way the joists were installed, we have a change in the pattern.

They changed the pattern of where the plates were!

So, now I need to sit down, and figure out where I am going to put seems and details in the finish materials, so they look good on the outside, but are also securely attached. I want the design to be symmetric, but the attachment points are not.

Adam came over, and worked on moving the dirt around to work toward the final grade. He is working the ground around the walls quite well. With the insulation and furring strips on the front, it is getting closer, to being fully closed in.

Now Marcus has his own ideas of what I should be doing. He gave me an artist's impression of what the hole should look like.

I'm afraid, that if Marcus wants a round door, he will have to build his own Hobbit Hole.

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