Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plan change 456382...

A co-worker (Kevin) came out to help us get the front on the overhang. Kevin and my dad went up on top with a tape measure to help me decide where we were going to put the seams in the Hardie panels. As we looked things over, the measurements just weren't turning out vary nice. This piece was going to need to be 6' 5" and the next 7' 3", the measurements were all over the place. Not only was the pattern of plates on front of the joists messed up, but the spacing was varying quite a bit. We talked it over, and I looked at where the seams were going to have to be. Because of the various issues with the positioning of plates for support, we would not be able to make the Hardie panels even and symmetric. Because of the positioning of the joists, the seams were not going to align with the aesthetically pleasing locations below either. For instance, the seams would be further away from the one side of the door than the other. They wouldn't line up with any sensible positions. So, the plan for the overhang reverted to a previous plan. I had a previous plan to use some of the Trex to cover the front of the overhang. The seams would not stand out, so the fact that they wouldn't line up nicely with details below them wouldn't be very noticeable.

Kevin helping my dad get the first board hung on the front of the overhang.

Last weekend, one of the things we worked on was getting the furring strips put up over the garage. First we put up some tape that will help keep the holes that the screws go through sealed up. This is the same tape that we put on the overhang.
Tape applied

Then we put up the furring strips. These are the ones that we had made with the aluminum attached to stiffen them.

Furring strips ready for siding

We also got the rest of the boards cut for the front of the overhang. While dad was cutting those boards, Kevin helped me cut and put foam up in the area over the wall, and inside the overhang. This will get sealed up when I have the contractor in to spray foam on the underside of the roof to seal it up. We got quite a bit done, and as we were working, I spotted yet another volunteer on my roof.

On Sunday, Adam called me. He had some time available, and was wondering if I had some earth moving he could do. I told him that I thought we could use dirt from in front of the house, and work on burying the south corners. I went out, and watched Adam, and pointed out how I wanted things. He moved quite a bit of dirt.

Adam and his Bobcat moving dirt.

Adam was able to get a lot of earth moved, before he had a hose break. He had to park the Bobcat and was going to need to go buy a new hose. Later that day, Kevin and mom and dad showed up, and we got the other two boards put up for the bottom row on the overhang.

Now another 3 boards to put up to complete the front of the overhang

Last Monday, Matt came out with mom and dad. We managed to get all three boards put up for the second row. So now the front of the overhang was covered.

The overhang front is covered

On Wednesday night mom and dad came out again. As I came up the driveway, a neighbor was waiting to greet me...

After I drove up in, the raccoon came over to the house, and was checking things out. It was not afraid of us, and we were a bit concerned.

Inspecting the retaining wall

We managed to shoo it off, and worked on planning how we were going to cover the ends of the overhang. One of my neighbors (two legged kind) came over and we chatted for a while. Thursday night we went out again, and managed to get the ends on the overhang. So, next, we need to put the boards up that will protect the top corners and keep water from getting behind the Trex we put up on the sides of the overhang.

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  1. Boy, it had been a while since I had checked in on your progress. Things are coming along, congrats! I love your door and garage door :)