Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playing with blocks, bags, and sand

Last week, my dad and I got the rest of the drip edge added to the sides of the overhang, and going over to the retaining walls. It was getting late though, and the pictures didn't turn out too well.

Today, I went out, and worked on getting the area around the drip edge finished up. As I said, I wanted to put sand under the outriggers, and I had quite a few bags that had been originally bought to help hold materials on the roof, before the dirt bags were loaded on. Back in March we made extensive use of them to hold the tarps and foam in place. Now they have finished serving their original use, so they get re-used.

I pushed sand under the outriggers, and laid down some behind the drip edge to give the dirt bags a bit more even base. I filled in the areas between boards and such. Then I hauled more bags of dirt on the roof. Now the roof is completely covered, and the only areas left where bags will need to be moved around, are where the roof penetrations will go through, and along the garage side, which doesn't have its drip edge yet.

Oh, remember the edging blocks I got back in May? Now you get to see what I had planned for them. A few have gotten broken along the way, and the 50 I had gotten, may not have been enough to begin with, but I will just have to see when I do the garage side if I need to get more. I put the edging blocks up on the drip edge board. They will help in holding the dirt on the roof.

This is what the front looks like as of this afternoon

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