Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garage side finished!

Although the landscaping is not by design (yet), the rain has helped things grow, and is helping give a better impression of how the house will look when it is finished.

Something else that the weather has brought about, is a strange effect on some of the dirt around the front of the house. I think this is caused by the layers of mud that have been deposited from the dirt washing down the slopes behind the retaining wall, but I am not sure.

The rain has also provided plenty of places for mosquitoes to breed. My truck is a bug whacker!

Ok, back to construction...

Now that we had the garage sealed, I wanted to finish the rest of the details on the garage side. So during the week, I dodged rain storms, and worked on getting the trim pieces cut and fit. The pieces to go next to the retaining walls took some time to craft, but I am pleased with the results.

 South retaining wall trim in place.

North retaining wall trim ready to install.

Last Friday night, we finished the garage side. I couldn't get a good picture till Saturday.

It came out pretty close to my model:

Saturday, we spent the day working on the soffit under the overhang. We were still working out a couple details of the install as we went. We had ideas in our head of what we wanted to do, but sometimes until you try something, you just don't see the subtle issues you will encounter.

Panel A1 in place, notice the Trex blocks it isn't covering which were supposed to be used to attach panel B1?

Those blocks got removed, and were replaced by foam spacers, with longer screws going through them, and attaching into the Trex board that is hung directly on the joist. With the Trex blocks, the edges of the panels didn't meet at the same height, and I was worried about the corner of the Trex block putting strain on the front panel as it got attached, and the screws tried to bend it as they pulled it into place.

We got a few of the boards up on Saturday, and tested our ideas for the T-bar to go between the A and B panels to cover the gap, and provide additional support to the Hardie soffit boards.

As we got things cleaned up, I notices that someone had tried the front door, but found they couldn't open it.
Maybe this was the inspector who check on things last year before the doors were on.

We also worked on getting a trench dug from the pit where the vent pipes end, out to a daylight drain. We got down to where water that is in the pipes, and the gravel around them, started flowing out. But we didn't get the trench finished yet. That work will have to continue as weather permits. Matt was available on Sunday to help, and we went out with the intention of getting more of the soffit boards up on the overhang, and getting the first pieces of the T-bar fit and installed. However, the weather did not cooperate, and we ended up working on various items inside. We still needed the generator running to do the work, so we came up with a rain shield for the generator. We had trouble with water getting in the gas tank the last time we had the generator out in the rain, so we knew we needed to keep it from getting rained on. But what to use with the wind blowing, and the rain pouring down. Well, I am not currently using the storage shed I had bought, so...

It worked well, and we were able to have lights, and power tools.

Weather permitting, next weekend, the overhang saga will continue.

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