Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sealing the garage

We finally got the garage sealed up. Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.

Here we attached Trex to the header over the garage door, and we are attaching the Hardie soffit to it, and the V-buck.Matt helped us get the 12 foot long piece of Hardie soffit up in the middle. It was a challenge.

First side, and most of the top on the garage opening.

The following evening, we got the rest of the soffit material installed on top, and the siding on the left side.

I wanted to make sure that that any water that came down from the roof on the plastic, didn't go under the soffit material. So I used caulk, and put a strip of flashing tape up along the top edge of the garage opening. I also installed screening to keep insects from climbing up in, and making nests. Then we added more blocks to hold the screen, and hold the wire in place.

Then we had a Saturday with good weather. We cut the remaining siding sheets to rough size for going on the front of the overhang. We didn't take time to install them, but I wanted to get them cut into smaller pieces that I could move out of my way as I work in the house.

We also cut the soffit pieces for under the overhang. We just got them cut to the correct length.

Then it was back to working on the garage side. The top was still going to need to have material added to put the gasket down into the correct height range. The outside corners on the garage, were going to need some thin pieces of Trex to give them a finished look. So we took one Trex board, and made all four pieces. Two thin pieces to go on the top, and two thin pieces for the corners.

 Trim on the corners, but stil need to put on the gaskets, and more trim work.

The next time I went out, I did a couple things. I pumped the well again in preparation for the health department testing the water. I checked that my truck would actually fit under the garage door. I had measured, but some doubted it. I also cut some more of the trim boards, and put the first piece in place over the garage door.

Then with dad's help, we got the gaskets on, and the other pieces put up over the garage. Just a few trim boards left, and the garage outside will be done!

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