Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It still leaks! :-(

Last Wednesday, dad helped me spread gravel around the roof box. We were sure that we had gotten it all sealed up this time.

Then we worked on getting the rest of the T-bar up under the overhang. Finally ready to foam, caulk, and put on the vent covers.

I still had some trimming to do on the pipes so the T-bar would fit, and even after cleaning up, I am sure I was quite a site at dinner, with bits of PVC on me and my clothes.

Friday evening a storm was coming through. I still went out. I wanted to see if everything stayed dry. It didn't. I still had a leak. Although it looks to be less than it was, water is still getting in somewhere and coming in at the roof box. I am working on plans on how to find the leak.

Over the weekend, I did some straightening up of tools and materials, and did some sweeping. I put some materials we won't need right now, into storage, so they are out of the way.

Monday night, Matt was available, and came up to help me. We got the scaffold out, and I put spray foam in around the vent pipes. I wanted to seal between them and the Hardie boards, so that I wouldn't get moisture from the vented air, condensing on top of the Hardie boards in the winter and causing problems. The first can of foam, had a problem with the nozzle. Once I got the seal broken, it wouldn't completely shut off. So this made working with the foam a little more challenging than it usually is. With the second can, the nozzle tip broke, so I had to use my bare finger to push the nozzle and get foam to come out. I made a mess of myself, and this can also leaked. I didn't need all the foam in that can, so I had to just let it leak in the front "lawn".

My rendition of the BLOB.

It is difficult to judge how much foam is enough, so I got a little more up there than I needed, and will have to do some trimming.

Matt also helped me get a couple more Trex trim boards up.

We got the boards up on both sides of the dining room window.

Last night I got the two trim boards for beside the front retaining walls cut and trimmed so they are ready to go up. I am hoping that tomorrow night, I can get them up, and get the other vertical trim boards cut to length, so when I have another set of hands to help me, I can get those up.

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