Monday, June 6, 2011

I've got what growing beside my house?

Well, this last weekend was productive, and surprising. Dad, Matt and I got the last of the panels installed under the overhang, as the sun was setting Friday night. It felt very good to get that done.

Then on Saturday, mom, dad and I went out, and worked the whole day.

We looked over the generator and how we would get it hooked up. We found that in keeping with the excellent user friendliness I have experienced so far with the generator (Yes that was sarcasm!) the gas line inside the generator housing was located such that the battery that was specified for the generator would not possibly fit!

While I worked on cutting the T-bar to go on the overhang, dad worked with the gas line to see if he could find a way to "Make iit fiit". Funny enough the gas line inside the generator had a Z shape, and the way they installed it, the top part was shorter than the bottom. Dad took it off, and flipped it right side up, and then the full battery area was clear. They installed the gas line upside down!

After the generator was taken care of, dad and I worked on getting the pieces of the second T-bar installed under the overhang.

I have one more T-bar to fit, cut and install. Then some foam around the vent pipes to seal things up, and the vents go on.

After we picked up the battery for the generator, I used it to water the roof. I wanted to do some testing before I put all the bags back in place, and the only way to do that at the moment, is to put a sprinkler on the roof, and pump water from the well.

It put some water up there, and the roof didn't show any signs of leaking, but it was nothing compared to the storms we have been having up until the last couple weeks. I didn't have much of any other option, so after we ran some water up there, I put the dirt bags back in place. I am going to get some pea gravel for right around the box, to promote as much drainage as I can right there.

There were a couple unexpected sightings at the house. In the late afternoon, a strange pattern was observed on the floor in my dining room.

I will let you guess as to nature of its formation.

The other unexpected thing, was the plants have been doing very well on the slopes by the house. I had these plants growing in a few spots, but most prolifically next to the retaining wall to the south of the garage.

I have had Queen Anne's Lace before and I thought I had some that had just really gone to great heights to impress me. Then I talked to Bob. He told me to be careful, this plant was too tall to be Queen Anne's Lace, and it was the wrong time for the blooms to be out. He told me that I probably have poison hemlock! Well, no one expects poison hemlock in their back yard. I have to go check on some details, but it sounds like that is what I have. Guess I don't have to worry about the deer eating those plants.

We finished off Saturday by doing some more trim work on the front of the house. I am hoping to do some more work on this this week.

Sunday afternoon we did some cleanup at the house where Matt is residing. The bushes in front had gotten really overgrown. We now have a front yard full of clipping, well more like branches. I think they are destined to either be mulched, composted, or burned at my place. We are hoping to haul them to my place Wednesday, and I am going to take some of the English ivy growing at my parents house, and try to get it established in a few places around my house. It might actually put up a good fight with the current botanical residents of my yard.

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