Friday, October 21, 2011

Letting the batteries breath

Well, we have gotten some more work done. We finished the battery box and got the vent for it run outside. That lets hydrogen out when the batteries are being charged, rather than having it collect in the box. We got the garage and utility room painted, as well as putting primer on a majority of the other drywall. Here are some pictures.

Battery vent pipe to exhaust hydrogen gas.

Battery box is finished, unless I decide to paint it. It has hasps that I can put pad locks on, so I can prevent others (especially curious little nieces) from getting to the batteries.

House breaker box is on the wall, waiting for me to run wiring.

Garage is painted white. Still need to clean and seal the floor.

First manifolds for the hydronic heating system are mounted on the wall in the utility room, waiting for me to connect the water lines.

Mom came out to help me put primer on the rest of the drywall. We had a guest outside the front window Wednesday morning. (I need to get a camera with a manual focus, I was not concerned with having the straw in sharp focus!)

 Mom starts to do battle with the walls.

We are glad I put plastic over the windows and the door before we painted around them.

Even just the primer looks fairly finished.

Hopefully this weekend we can finish priming the walls, get the first set of lines connected to the hydronic manifolds, get more done on the gas lines, and get the columns ready to install on the walls.

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  1. Hello BD, I just spent the week reading thru your saga from the start during my breaks. I am interested in doing something similar and have been working on plans (and re-working them) for several years. Things got more serious when I bought the land 2 years ago (in Manchester Michigan). This November, I plan to talk to an Architect/Engineer and try to really get started in the spring.

    This historical log has been great and rich with detail, but one of these days when you are too tired to work hard, but still have enough energy to type, could you summarize your experience so far? What are the biggest lessons learned? If you could go back in time a couple years, what tips would you give yourself? What is your final recommendation about going with a general contractor?