Monday, October 24, 2011


Right now, I am trying to get everything done, as fast as I can, and all at the same time. I say I, but it is really we. If we run into an impasse on one of the tasks, we just jump to another, and circle around to the problem task later on.

For instance, the hydronics, keep requiring redesign. I have not had the time to sit down, find what parts are available, take their measurements, and lay out all the fitting nice and neat. I know that this pump, has to hook up to this manifold, which has to hook up to these loops, but each time I go to get parts, I find that no, they are out of the exact part I need. So I have to come up with substitutes. But then I find that they won't fit where I was intending them to, so the piping has to be re-routed, and that requires some other fittings, I don't have on hand. This is not the way I like to operate, but right now, I am just getting it done, so it functions correctly.

Mom finished the priming, with the exception of one area we want to go over a second time. We took the tape and plastic off the windows. Looking pretty nice.

We got the pex tubing corralled and connected to the manifolds.

Dad put in a drain line for the pipes that keep having leaks. These pipes carry the well line, and in the future the wires out to the communications tower, and hopefully some solar panels for heating. I have had problems with them leaking when we get rain, and I kept buckets under them. Now I have a drainage system running to the floor drain, so that I don't have to worry whether I am going to get out there and find an overflowing bucket in the utility room.

We got the structure for the columns done.

So then it was time to haul them out to the house and start putting them on the walls.

Mom helped me get some more parts connected on the hydronics, then I ran into another issue with fittings.

So, it was time to clean the utility room floor. I think that the dirt we removed could have been measured by the pound! It is much cleaner (as clean as I think I will be able to get it). It now looks much darker than it did.

Tomorrow, I plan to put down an epoxy paint in the utility room. Hopefully that goes well, and I can start installing equipment in the utility room later in the week.

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