Monday, February 20, 2012

Battling the silver octopus and a special delivery

Routing the ducting presented quite a few challenges. It was just difficult to get things where they needed to go. The flexible duct, doesn't let the air flow as smoothly as hard pipe would, but it took a lot less time and money to get things connected.

So now that is all connected. We ran the heating system and although it took most of a day to warm the slab and the house up, it is now pretty comfortable inside. When I go inside, I can take off my jacket and work with just a shirt on. I shut the system down last week for one day, when it was pretty cold overnight, and the house had only dropped about 5 degrees over the course of a day.

With the duct work, and the heating system now operational, the last thing to complete before my rough inspections is the electrical wiring. We worked on running wires in the house, and getting them secured. Then over this last weekend, and today, we worked on getting the conduit runs in the garage installed. By the end of today, we had completed most of it, we just had to get a few more parts to complete it. Hopefully by tomorrow night, we will be done running the conduit, and I can run the wires.

I received a couple little things today. My interior doors showed up.

 These doors are for the closets I have.

These are the doors for the rooms.

The other item that was delivered is my bathtubs. The plumbers are planning to come out on Wednesday to install them.

However these are one piece units and to get these in, and do the plumbing below them in the floor, we needed to take out some studs.

We will put them back in, or add others as needed, once the tubs are installed. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a lot of wire run through the walls.

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