Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm legal

Well, I have passed my final inspection. So, I can now legally reside in my home.

We have been working on finishing up the trim details, and some other items that will be best to finish before I move in. There are still a few things, that will wait, until after I move in. Some trim on the columns, won't be difficult to work on after I move in, so we are going to wait on it, so I can get moved in sooner.

We got the molding around the garage doors finished. This is for fire protection, and had to be done before final inspection.

We put a shelf on top of the chase in the kitchen, where we didn't have cabinets sitting on top of it. This will provide a little spot to set things, seasonings, timer, flower vase...

All the trim in the hall is finished.

The door to the office was a little difficult to finish, because of how close it is to the adjacent wall.

The pantry got trimmed out.

Then we worked on the shelves for the pantry. Here are the end supports going in.

I put a coat of shellac on the window seat top, and found new cushions that fit better.

We got the doors on the coat closet. 

We also finished the shelves in the pantry.

I've put up my mailbox, and am starting to change my address with credit card companies and so forth. We have started moving furniture in, and I have been packing up boxes with books, winter clothes, and other things and taking them out to the house.


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  2. Hi!

    I've looked through your articles. It's very difficult to impress me. Your work and a work of your family amazed me. Your planning was such a reasonable and realization such an accurate!... Speechless...

    I can only imagine how much manpower you and your family have spent at this project. I respect the work you've done building the house. Thank you very much for the great illustration of it. I may only guess how difficult it was to take pictures at every stage and write the texts.

    Your blog made the idea of earth shelted building literary down-to-earth (if I may say it :) ). Now I and many other people know that it CAN BE DONE if somebody REALLY WANTS it. Your blog become a kind of guiding star. And I know that for many, many people it's important. Thank you again!


    P.S. Have you already moved in? ;) How is it to live in such a home? Have you got that you wanted ot perhaps that's not exactly your ideal house the way you described at one of your first posts?

    P.P.S. Honestly, I have so many questions to ask. Is it possible to write an email to you? I hope my behaving is not too impertinent...

  3. I am amazed by your home. We live in Louisville, Ky and are thinking about building an underground home and Ndura pointed me to your site. Do you offer tours of your home? I would love to come look at what you have done.