Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wheels of change

So the drillers have left, now what. Time to get something with more ground clearance than the New Beetle has. Last Thursday, I decided it was time to get something that would be able to get up my driveway a little easier, and which could haul larger items than what I could stuff in the Beetle.

I went truck shopping. I was fortunate enough to find a vehicle that was in a price range I was willing to pay, and had most all of the characteristics I was looking for.

We did some test driving on Saturday. The 4 wheel drive makes getting up the driveway much easier.

Some have commented that this is a larger vehicle than they imagined me in. I have to agree, this is larger than what I intended to get, however, I found that there really wasn't much of anything available that was smaller than this, with 4 wheel drive, where the engine seemed adequate. Oh well, at least it drives well, and it should provide quite a bit of utility with its carrying capacity.

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