Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An unexpected inspector stops by

Now that I have a roof on, I wanted to get most of the snow cleared out, so that I wouldn't have the framing sitting in puddles of water when it melted. Marcus offered to help, so we went to Walmart, and got some plastic snow shovels. The only plastic snow shovels they had that didn't have metal on the edges, look to have been made for kids. Oh, well, I didn't want to put any more marks on the floor, so we got two, and headed out.

When we walked inside, I noticed tracks in the snow. Apparently there was an inspection done last evening after I left. The inspector checked around the various rooms, looked over the studs, and checked along the north wall. I am not sure what the inspector was looking for, since all that was left were tracks in the snow...

Local inspector wandering through the family room

I wonder if it is the same raccoon that checked on my well after it was put in. Some were thinking as I designed the home, that if I put in skylights, I might have had deer peer in. I think it is much more likely that the raccoons would have been the ones to look into the skylights at night.

Marcus helped me clear snow, and we got all the front rooms cleared. Marcus was a little surprised by how quick the sun warmed up the floor, and started melting and drying the remaining snow.

 Remaining snow was melting within minutes.

The home was not built with a large emphasis on passive solar heating, but it should help. I had calculated my overhang, so it should shade the windows most of the time in the summer, and during the winter it should let in the sun quite a bit. In the early afternoon, the sun was shining in most of the way across the floor in the bedrooms, and over half way across the floor in the dining room/kitchen.

It didn't look like they had done any more with the steel since yesterday.

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