Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Renting big (expensive) toys

Today we started on the septic system. To put in a septic system, I needed a couple things (besides a lot of pipe and a tank). I needed a tool to dig a lot of dirt, and I needed someone who could operate it effectively.

Adam and John do excavation work, and have done a number of septic systems in the past. They went with me to a rental place today, and we got an excavator to do the digging.

They had their Bobcat there, so when they needed to push around a lot of dirt, they could use that. They got started by digging down to lay the pipe between the house, and where the septic tank will go.

Adam dug the trench, and John checked to make sure the pipe was going where it needed to.

John, and his son digging the hole for the septic tank.

They got done digging for the septic tank, and there I had another hole in the ground.
Pipe from the house to the hole for the tank

This hole is bigger than it looks

With that done, they were ready for the septic tank delivery tomorrow. Since we still had plenty of daylight, they went ahead and started digging the leach field lines. Since the ground has a slope (actually there is a sort of ridge running up through the field), and the leach lines need to be level, they had to run them with curves in them.

John checking to see that they are keeping the trench level

They will need to run six trenches that are each 100 feet long for my system. They got the first one done tonight.

John used a tape measure to see when they had 100 feet. Here you can also see it curving.

No straight trenches in this leach field!

If all goes well tomorrow, by the end of the day I will have a septic system, ready to be inspected.

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