Monday, April 5, 2010

The storm approaches

Well, I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine had a little upsetting news.

Saturday morning, we had some strong winds blowing through. I was a bit worried about the tarps, but it wasn't like I could go out and hold them down. Marcus gave me a call Saturday evening. He had gone by and checked on the house. The tarps had come loose from the walls, and were pushing sand bags off the roof! His son went up, and got the tarps straightened out some. My dad and I decided, we were going to have to go back to the original plan, and put the furring strips on the edges, so they would be better secured. Sunday, we picked up a bunch of 1x3s at Lowe's and headed up to the home to see what it was like. Nails were pulled out of place, some had been pulled completely out, and then there were the places where the nails held against the wind, and the grommets pulled out of the tarps!

So I had a bunch of loose ends to try to tie up. We went up, and got the tarps back about where they were supposed to be. Then we started securing the west end of the tarps. We got the west end secured, and got started along the south side, when mom and dad had to leave for a prior commitment. Matt helped me straighten things up, get some of the sand bags re-arranged, and then we left, to go join mom and dad.

Looking at the weather forecast, they were predicting gusting winds again on Tuesday. I wanted desperately to try to properly secure the tarps before those winds came in. So we went out this evening after everyone got off work, and worked like crazy to try to get the furring strips in place. To better secure the south edge, and the north edge, we rolled the tarp around the furring strip then secured the furring strip to the wall. We managed to get the first tarp finished up, when we started to hear thunder rumbling from close by. We scrambled and managed to get the north side of the middle tarp secured before the rain started. All we could do before it was a downpour was to re-arrange the sand bags the best we could. Dad and I re-tensioned a couple of the ropes holding the south side of the third tarp. The third tarp is unsecured on two sides, however the storms are coming in from the south or west, and it is the east and north sides that are unsecured. I am hoping it will stay in place.

I managed to get a couple photos before the storms hit.

Tarp secured on the west
West tarp, south side, secured

After leaving the property, I drove through some hail, and the weather radio has been reporting severe thunderstorms, with associated hail, throughout the evening. I am hoping that it misses my uncompleted roof, as the hail might tear through the tarps, and damage the foam.

The good news, is that I got reports, that everyone who came out to help, made it home safely.

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