Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thar she blows!

Well, the weather on Tuesday was quite nice, and it was pretty good today as well. However, it has been windy. Mom and dad came up to my place this morning, and we went out to try to finish securing the tarps. We worked this morning at getting the rest of the furring strips on. That was some kind of challenge, since the excavation has collapsed quite a bit on the north east corner, and on the east side. That was where we still needed to put the furring strips on.

As we got started, I spotted a couple things that I wanted a picture of. First, we had a visitor to the site this morning...

The toad pays a visit

Then I spotted that some of the wild flowers have started to bloom. So I took some photos...

Lovely purple flowers

We secured the north east corner, and then also secured the seams running down the north wall.

We didn't take time to trim the furring strips down for where we secured the seams.

We also added a bit more to the south west corner, to better secure it, and to keep is from flapping in the wind.

Another furring strip on the south west

In the afternoon, my dad and I worked on redistributing the sand bags, and adding more stuff to hold the tarps down on top. We also put boards along the seams, in an attempt to keep the wind from getting to the seams.

Large boards got added onto the roof, to try to keep the tarps from billowing so much.

It was a constant battle with the wind. I need the dirt for my roof! That would hold the tarps down.

The last thing we did, was to redo the ties on the south side, to try to pull the tarp in closer to the bottom of the overhang, and hopefully reduce the flapping there.

Tarps pulled up away from the windows.

Now I need to figure out the coordination on all the work that needs to be done, so the roof can be burried.

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