Sunday, September 11, 2011

BD's house of drywall

Friday I did sign up for insurance with a company that was willing to insure my house.

Friday also started the drywalling saga. First up, I went and got the drywall compound, and the corner pieces, and tape for the job.

Those got put in the house, then I went to sign for my insurance. In the afternoon the drywall was to be delivered.

Mid afternoon, I got a call that they were finishing loading the truck and they wanted to confirm the address. They showed up with a pretty good sized truck. They pulled it up out in front of the house, where it was pretty solid, and used the boom to get the panels from there, to the front door.

They slid them from the boom, onto a cart. Then once they had them on the cart, they wheeled them to the family room and an area in the dining room where they would not be in the way of getting them put up.
8 and 9 foot long sheets.

After they unloaded those, then they went around to the garage, and unloaded the big boards.
12 foot long sheets! These are big and heavy!!

On Saturday mom, dad, and I went out to do a number of things. As dad and I got into the dining room to start planning the day, we saw a deer right out the front window in my woods.

We did quite a few things. We changed the oil in the generator. We tried out some concrete patch on a place in the garage that I wanted to get filled in before the drywall was put up. Dad did a pretty good job filling in this spot.

We also put up a strip of plywood in the kitchen to provide a good place to anchor the wall cabinets to. I was concerned with whether we would be able to get screws put into the studs in the foam, after the drywall was up, so we decided to put up the strip of plywood so that we would have a good large target to fasten into.

Dad did some more work on the plumbing, and I put up more of the baseboard supports.

Today, all we really did, was get things organized and arranged so the drywall crew will have room to work on the outside walls. I did get some photos of how the grass is doing. The roof in particular is doing nicely.

Tomorrow they start installing drywall at 7:30. This is going to be a long day I think.

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