Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Field of Weeds

Well, with drywall being worked on while I am not there, there aren't too many pictures to show. There are a number of things that can't really proceed while the drywall is being finished. But we are working on what we can. Late last week, I started trying to clear some of the weeds, so we will be able to work on the vent house, and the solar array.




I wanted to keep the plants killed off under where the array is going to be, and I had a bunch of cardboard from boxes that materials and equipment have come in. So, we laid the cardboard out under the aluminum supports. That should minimize what comes up before I get the array installed.

Sunday dad and I looked around the outside of the house to decide where it made sense to get more grass growing. I still had seed from the first batch I bought, so I thought I may as well get it going. As we checked on the area around the house, we saw deer tracks on the east side. We followed them, and they proceeded up onto the roof.

Not the best picture, but the dark spots are where the hooves pushed down through the straw and into the soil.

The drywall work is coming along. It looks like they have two coats on, and I am hoping they can put the third on tomorrow. The windows are looking good.

I am hoping that before the end of the week they will have the last coat on.

Next week the batteries should show up for the power system. I will have 12 batteries each weighing 119 pounds!

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