Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drywall stage 1: complete

The drywalling of the outside walls has been finished. The walls are sanded, and ready for primer and paint. They did a nice job on the windows.

This wall will be getting primer tomorrow. It is in the garage, and power equipment and the battery box will go along this wall. So it needs to be painted before that can be done.

The drywall was cut to fit as close to the steel as they could get it, but there are still places where I have to put in caulk and foam to seal it up from the rest of the house, for fire safety. I started that last night. I am glad I was wearing rubber gloves! I will need to finish that tomorrow before I start with the primer. I was going to finish it tonight and start priming, but my batteries are coming tomorrow and I wanted to have some things on hand before they arrived, and the shopping took longer than I expected. Hopefully I will have pictures of the batteries tomorrow evening to share, and hopefully no dramatic story to go with the pictures.

The grass I planted has been growing quite well. There are still some areas that are not coming along very quickly, and may need more seed yet, but overall, I am very pleased.

The roof has done very well.

 On the 24th, the south slope beside the garage was like this.

Here it is on the 27th, with quite a bit more grass showing.

While grass seems to grow just fine in my lawn, I have much more interesting plants that seem to keep visiting. With moving out to property that is rural, I was expecting to see or find evidence of a lot of animals. I also am not expecting or desiring to have the sort of lawn Chem Lawn will get you (despite the appearance of my roof). I was expecting to have to deal with some plants such as poison ivy. I was not expecting the who's who of dangerous plants to come live beside my house. As you may recall, I had the interesting, lovely, and very tall poison hemlock. Now I have this lovely and interesting looking plant showing up.

It has lovely flowers, and an interesting seed pod. It is Datura stramonium, and some of the other names it is called, are as colorful as the plant and its flowers. This is in the same family as the potato and tomato. However, this plant should not be eaten. It can produce hallucinations, delirium, or even death. I am waiting for the ninja to show up to buy ingredients for poisons to tip their weapons!

Off to bed, I think tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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