Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All walls, present and accounted for!

Today Marcus went out with me, and we got to meet the framers, just as they were cleaning up. All the walls are now framed. Including my pantry :-)

A pantry in the corner.

I am wondering if I can do something with those nicely framed openings at the top. Looks like they are nice and square. It will depend on how the ceiling sits. It will probably cross through them. If it went above them though, it might be fun to try to find some stained glass, or art glass to put in there.

The framing is done on the bedrooms, and I have a coat closet.

The coat closet seems a little big now that I see it in person

Well, now it is just a question of how soon I can get my roof on. These are probably the last pictures where you will see the trees from inside the home, peeking over the tops of the walls.

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