Monday, January 4, 2010

Waiting for a roof

Newt talked to the framer today about the framing for the walls. Apparently they met out at my home. Given the weather, I am guessing that the meeting didn't last long. Once we get a couple measurements from the steel folks, the framer can get started. It sounds like the steel is going to take a couple weeks to fabricate. So I will probably have pictures of inside walls, and steel work in a couple weeks time.

During my break for Christmas and New Year's, my dad and I finished the frames for the solar panels, and did quite a bit of talking and designing for the ventilation system, and the plumbing for the hot water and hydronics.

I drove out to the home, so my parents, and my brother could see how it was going, in person. It was another race with the sun, to get out there so they could actually see what it looked like. We saw that they had taken down the bracing. The pressure gauge on the tubing in the floor, was still reading pressure. So I guess that confirms they didn't poke a hole in any of the tubing.

A nicer view of the inside of the front wall, now that the braces have been taken down.

This will be a nice window to sit at.

Now I have to email some companies to find out some details about their thermostats. I am looking for some particular features, so that the radiant heat system operates properly. However the descriptions are not completely clear on a couple points, so I am going to contact the companies, and ask some specific questions.

I am going to start wiring up the electrical panels for my solar power system. I got a shipment with the battery cables while I was at my parents home. The box with the battery cables, was 58 pounds! That is for about 50 feet of wire. This stuff is heavy!

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