Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nearly a roof...

Yesterday was very overcast, and I didn't get out to the property quiet as soon as I wanted. The steel workers had made some progress, but it was getting a bit too dark to try to take photos, and have them turn out OK. So today, I got out of work a bit earlier, and the weather was a bit more favorable. The roof is almost complete...

It will look more inviting when I have some lights in there.

The front has the plates on where they are supposed to be, just need the steel put up on the east side.

They did quite a bit of welding today to get to this point. There is metal sheet that still needs to go on the east side to close that in. The steel sheets on top, are all in place, and look to be welded up. The plates are back on the ends of the joists where they should be. They got the large angle steel put up along the front. They made it just like my drawing.

The angle that is sticking up, will go in front of the big insulation layer and help provide attachment points for the facia.

Although the steel sheets have corrugations, you can see that I have a very even roof.

Looking toward the south west

I wanted so much to put a board over there and try walking on my roof.

They put in the holes over the garage. I realized I should have been a bit more specific in marking the dryer vent. Looking at it from the ground, it looks like they thought my mark was for the one side, but I had marked where it was to be centered. Oh well, if I have too, I think I can adjust that hole enough.

Three holes in the steel end sheet

The small hole to the left, in the steel, is for the hydrogen to vent from the batteries (part of the solar power system). The hole toward the middle, is for the dryer to exhaust through. There is a hole to the right of the hobby room window. That is for the radon vent. Hmmm, I had intended for that to go out over the garage. Newt must have had another thought about the placement.

It looks like they need to trim it down to the roof line, and they still need to put the steel sheet on the end opposite the garage.

I went in. Hopefully this is the last time that my whole floor is covered in snow.

View from the family room, into the dining room

It looks like we might have some sun tomorrow. I may try to run out there after lunch, to see what is looks like inside, when there is more light outside. I also want to see if the overhang is working the way I wanted. Although, if it doesn't work right, I will just have to deal with it at this point. I may want to get a snow shovel to clear off the floor, before it all melts and make large puddles that would have to evaporate.

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