Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The front emerges from the earth

Yesterday, Adam came over with his Bobcat, and did a little earth moving.

The front of the house, emerges from the earth

Marcus and I went out at lunch time, and saw how things were going, and Adam had a couple questions on exactly how I wanted the ground graded in front of the home. He excavated down so there is a step down as you approach the home. There will be a court yard area in front of the home, with probably a one block high wall enclosing it.

I also met a cousin of Adam's who is a firefighter at the local station. He took photos of the inside of the structure, for their records, and we talked about what I was building, and how it was/will be constructed.

One of the next things will be getting the windows in. At least now I can see out of my window openings.

With the dirt moved, there is a better view.

The tarps had popped off of the nails that we used to secure the edge on the front. Marcus had been worried they would just tear out of the foam. Even a gentle breeze exerts a lot of force on those tarp edges. I need to get the work around the outside done soon, so we can get the roof finished. I used some rope, and tied down the tarps with it. I fastened it to the window bracing, and to chunks of re-bar I drove into the ground. However, I am concerned that if we get good gusts in the right direction, the tarps will break the rope, and toss the sand bags like they were nothing.


  1. Is there good drainage at the entryway? I'm envisioning a pond at your front door, otherwise.

  2. Well, there is drainage around the foundation, and when we do the final grading work, there will probably be more excavating done, to slope the ground away from the house more.