Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gravel, dump trucks, and bobcats, OH MY!

Well, for all those who have braved my driveway, it is in much better form now. I went out to the property at lunch time to see what was happening. Well, I found that the driveway was covered in a new layer of rock, that extended up to where the garage will be.

Looking across the driveway in progress, and seeing quite a pile of gravel in my garage entrance.

The rocks had quite a range in size. Some were almost as big as my feet. But most of them were just 2 to 3 inches in size. They were somewhat slippery but should provide a good base.

I went to see what they were doing with all the gravel they had sitting there. They had already spread quite a bit in around the footers when I got there. They were laying out the drainage system. They had put gravel inside the footers, and were starting to cover parts of the drainage system.

Working to cover the drain tile.

Adding more gravel for under the floor slab.

That is a lot of gravel.

This should be just a small amount of the gravel that will eventually be used in providing drainage around the home.

With the large rock on the driveway, it was still a challenge to drive up. They decided it needed to have smaller stuff put down, so that it would be more passable.

The first dump truck made it up the driveway. After a couple tries.

The second dump truck tried to come up backwards. That simply did not work. He had to turn around, and bring the load up forwards, then turn around at the top. He had some trouble when he got his back tires off the rock, and into the mud. But he managed to deliver his load of #411 (rock powder, up to pieces a little bigger than pea gravel).

Now the driveway has a better surface.

It will be interesting to see tomorrow how it feels to drive up the new driveway.

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