Friday, November 13, 2009

I have a finished hole, and I have panels!!

The excavators finished up this morning. I went out with my family to the property today, and we saw a nicely finished hole the ground :-)

Our friend Bob is providing scale, while mom inspects the excavator's handy work.

Here you can see the size of the drop from the east side (to the right) to the west end. Mom is standing where the garage will be, while Matt my brother plays King of the Hill. He would have lost, if the buck that has been sharpening its antlers on a nearby sapling showed up.

This morning, the shipper showed up with the solar panels. They were a challenge to get off the truck, and up my parents' driveway. With Matt, Bob, my dad and I working with the driver, we got it up the drive and into his garage. 14 solar panels at about 60 pounds each. 840 pounds of solar power!

They were all there, and they didn't look damaged. So horray, that part of the saga is done.

This evening, Matt and dad worked on fabricating the aluminum angle into the parts for the rack system.

Matt said we had a few small pieces of aluminum go flying when they got cut off. But all the big pieces are now cut the way they need to be. Next will be drilling a LOT of holes for all the mounting bolts.

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