Saturday, November 21, 2009

Learning about hydronic heating, and building racks

I ordered a book on hydronic heating, since I am now going to be designing that from the ground up. It arrived on Thursday, and I am now trying to read through a colledge text intended for a 1 quarter course in about a week. It seems well written and very detailed. I like details!

Today my dad and I contined with the construction of the rack system for the photovoltaic panels. Dad had constructed the first of the templates, which will be used to place the L bolts into the concrete piers. Once the concrete has set up, we will be fastening the racks to the bolts. Here is a picture of one of templates which will be used to hold the L bolts in the concrete.

You can see two of the stainless steel L bolts attached on the left. The template is sitting upside down on the floor. It will be flipped over to set the L bolts down into the concrete.

We now have the left and right base pieces drilled for setting on the L bolts. Here they are.

Dad got a drill press last year. It has come in very handy. We built a jigg to hold the pieces of aluminum in just the right place to drill them.

Dad bought this drill press from a friend of ours. It is going to get quite a bit of use for drilling all the holes we need to make in the aluminum yet.

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