Monday, November 23, 2009

Stomping in the mud

I decided to go out to the property, to see whether the rain from late last week, had made my foundation into a swimming pool. We didn't have that much rain, but the change was interesting.

There are now a couple mud puddles.

Most of the ground, while still damp, was quite solid. It looked like the water drained down through it without a problem. There were a couple puddles though, where the soil was a dramatically different color. As I walked near the puddles, I thought it was going to suck my boots off my feet! Very sticky wet clay. On the one hand, I am interested in how it would have behaved if we had a large amount of rain. On the other hand, I want the build to progress, so I don't really want to see a deluge just to satisfy my curiosity.

I talked to Newt. He was picking up the first Nudura forms and rebar. He is planning to have gravel show up tomorrow, and it sounds like by later on Wednesday I may have a drainage layer in my footers and the first of the forms installed.

Now I am off to continue reading my book on hydronic heating.

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