Friday, March 5, 2010

The design didn't specify an indoor pool!

I went out this evening, to see how things were melting. Next week I am going to have the insulation and waterproofing materials delivered so that I can get the home closed in.

When I got to the property, there was still snow covering most of my "lawn". However, there was no longer a mound of snow stacked up on the roof. I could hear the drainage creek that runs through the property, gurgling away. Then I walked into the home, and it sounded like a cave, a wet cave! The snow was melting off the roof, and draining down onto the floor. That would have been OK, it is a concrete floor after all, except for two things.

First, with the weather we have had, the floor had gotten to well below freezing. Now there was a sheet of ice covering a good portion of it, where the sun hadn't hit it to warm it up. The snow melted, dripped down, and formed a wonderful ice rink, inside my home.

Second, I found that my office not only had a sheet of ice, but standing water! The floor of the home, isn't completely level, so there was going to be some pooling in spots, but the main problem with the office, is that the doorway has not been cut out of the 2x4 at the bottom of the wall. The result was a pool wall was formed by the 2x4s on all sides, and the melting snow had filled it up to the top of the 2x4s.

While I still had light, I worked with the snow shovel, to push water out of there, and get it to drain out into the garage, through the utility room. I am hoping to remove some more water and ice tomorrow, and hopefully with a few days above freezing, and some sun, maybe things will dry out.

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