Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There is sand on my roof

Well, Marcus and Vic helped me load 600 pounds of sand in the back of the truck at lunch. Thanks guys!

We loaded 12, 50 pound bags in the back. It rode quite nicely with the additional weight back there. I went out after work, and managed to get a couple of the bags up my ladder. I decided it was better to wait until Marcus got there to get the others up on the roof.

I went ahead and finished the last full row on the first layer of insulation, and started working on the first full row of the second layer. The tape is almost useless, and has gotten in the way more than helping I think. Not only is the deck a bit uneven under the insulation, but the insulation boards seem to want to curl up a bit. This won't be an issue when there is 6 inches of dirt sitting on top of it, but it makes trying to lay it down, quite irritating.

With the second layer, it starts with 2 foot wide sheets so that the seams will be shifted from where they are in the first layer. I didn't take the time to try to cut those pieces today. I just measured in 2 feet each direction from the starting corner, and started laying sheets. To hold these sheets in place, I am pushing nails through them, into the sheets bellow. I am also pushing nails into the corners, to hold one sheet in line with the one next to it. This should all work to tie the layers together, and hold the sheets in a layer together as well.

Tonight, the bags of sand and the remaining foam pallets were used to weight down the sheets that have been laid.

Looking closely, you can see the nail heads sticking up. They are driven in at an angle, to help hold them in.

Full sheets in the first row of the second layer are laid, and weighted.

As I got down to the end of the sheets in the second layer, Marcus got there with his ladder. He was wondering why there were only 10 bags in the back of the truck. I think he was a little surprised to see two of them already on the roof. He set up his ladder, and carried the bags up as high as he could, then he lifted them onto the roof, where I then took them and spread them out.

Marcus, thank you for all the help!!

Now tomorrow, I am hoping to get most of the second layer done, so then on Friday and Saturday, we can finish the second, and third layers, and get them covered.

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