Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Listening to crickets and laying foam

I left work today, and headed out to the property to get some more of the foam sheets laid. I got out there and saw the top of the home, looked like a shelf in the insulation isle at Home Depot! But it was a pretty sky.

A nice day to be on the roof.

I went up the make shift ladder, and inspected things. All the foam was still right where we had left it. However I did have a problem that the tape hadn't held very well, and the pallets stacked on the foam, tended to cause an edge or corner to lift and pull up the tape.

Lots of foam boards to lay yet.

Time to unstack some of this, and start the next row.

I started laying the next row, as I listened to the crickets play their songs. I got one row laid down, and was starting on the next, when Marcus came walking up the drive. He thought he would help, but he wasn't sure that our ladder met the proper safety guidelines (i.e. he was concerned he would break it). So he stayed on the ground. We talked about the plans for the roof, and the layers that will be going up. He went around to the east side, where he could see up onto the roof from the ground. He thought the progress was pretty good. He also found a small sledge hammer.

We talked about the fact that if I got a couple more good days, I wouldn't have much foam left to hold down the sheets that had been laid. So we talked about going to get some bags of sand tomorrow, so those can be used to keep the foam in place. I think there will be some heavy lifting tomorrow.

Marcus went home, and I finished the row I was working on. There are about 11 rows for each layer (I say about because the front one will be trimmed quite a bit to fit correctly) and I now have 9 of the 11 rows done on the first layer.

Another two rows completed...

Except the piece that needs to be cut.

I re-arrange some of the pallets to keep weight on the sheets along the edges. Moving a heavy, but smaller bag of sand, should be easier.

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