Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From finished floor, to barn floor

Today it was much colder than yesterday, and the temperature was expected to get into the teens overnight. Concrete needs some time to cure, before it is exposed to temperatures that cold. So, it needed to be covered today.

The concrete crew worked on putting up the forms that Newt took to the property last night. They made pretty good progress. The back wall (north side) is almost complete, and the east wall has 2 more courses of forms added.

Back wall, 8 1/2 feet from floor to top.

Then they laid all the foam we had out there, including the rest of the Nudura forms, on the concrete to help it stay warmer. There wasn't enough foam to cover the floor, so they got some straw, and some hay, and made my floor look like a large stall in a barn.

Hopefully the deer won't find it, and consider it a good place to eat and sleep.

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