Monday, December 14, 2009

Today was a good day for concrete

Well, I now have a floor.

When I got to the property this afternoon, they were just finishing, the finishing.

Overall, they did a very nice job. They even put a raised curb, on the utility room floor on the garage side, except where where the doors into the garage will go. There was one issue I spotted. They were supposed to leave the outside foam on the Nudura where the front door will go. That way there was going to be insulation on the outside of the floor slab. Instead they cut the Nudura all the way to the footer. If Newt or I had been there, we could have corrected that one, before it was cast in concrete.

There should be Nudura foam just inside that board, instead of the concrete coming all the way to the board.

I will have to see what we can do as far as adding insulation on the outside, and extending the door threshold to prevent the slab being directly exposed to the outside. I don't want the slab to conduct heat right out under the front door in the winter.

The power trowel, looks to have created a bit of pattern in the surface of the concrete. I will have to see what it looks like when it is dry and curred. It will be interesting to see how that plays with the concrete stain.

The trowel left a pattern.

We are having some trouble with the rain, loosening up the dirt around the excavation, and causing it to fall into the hole. They put down some plastic to try to reduce that. You can see the plastic on the ground in front of me in the photo above.

One of the concrete guys almost had to give me CPR. He looked at the pressure gauge attached to the PEX, after they were all done, and told Doug (the guy in charge of the concrete crew) that the gauge wasn't reading any pressure! Doug looked at him and said WHAT! and I about fell over. Then he said he was joking. It was at the same pressure my dad and I left it with last night.

The tubing in the utility room ended up looking like my hair in the morning. After we connected all the loops together last night, and added a bungee to hold it together off of where the floor would be poured, it looked a little tangled.

They trimmed the board that the PEX was attached to.

Oh, what a tangled web we crimped last night :-)

I should correct myself before my family does. My hair is worse than that in the morning.

Newt brought the rest of the Nudura forms to the property, so that they can finish the wall forms. They didn't pour any concrete in the wall forms today. They just wanted them in the correct place for the floor pour. It took Newt a little while to get to the property with the load of foam he had on his trailer. He said it felt like he was hauling 5000 pounds. It was stacked pretty high. We didn't unload it, Newt just parked it. With the forms strapped down to the trailer, that is probably safer than if we had unloaded them and stacked them.

We discussed the pour, and the issue with the door, and some items about the waterproofing that will be going on the walls and roof.

While I waited for Newt this evening I enjoyed the quiet, with just the sound of birds, and the babbling of the creek, it was lovely to sit on the pile of gravel outside of my home. Newt said, it is about time I stop referring to it as "the property". I will have to see if it is just my home, or if I come up with a fitting name to give it.

This was the sky I enjoyed as the concrete crew left.

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