Thursday, December 17, 2009

A quiet day

Today was a quiet day. Newt went off to get the bracing for the walls, so the concrete guys can continue putting the forms up. I went out, and waited for him to show up, so I could help unload and we could talk about a few more details. Other than the occasional vehicle going by, the only sounds were from the various birds singing to one another. I sat on a hay bale, and enjoyed the peace.

Here is what things look like.

When someone asks if I live in a barn, I will answer....

I saw that what they did to protect the concrete, was they put down plastic sheeting, then put down the foam/straw/hay on top. Before anyone asks me, and to see who has been reading the blog, the tan things left of center are called vBuck. When they put windows and doors into poured concrete walls, they need to put in a form to keep the concrete from filling in the hole where the window or door will go. They put in what are called bucks to provide the form, and also the window or door frame is typically attached to this buck when the time comes. Bucks are usually made of wood. Although I don't have many openings, the walls are a little over 13 inches thick. So it would be quite a bit of wood, and somewhat of a challenge to put together. They would probably have to use pressure treated lumber and custom cut multiple boards to fit the wall. The vBuck is made of vinyl. Not the most environmentally friendly material, however with the air spaces inside, it should have more insulating value than the wood bucks would. It should last as long as the house does.

Newt brought the bracing for the wall forms, which will have to be attached to the floor. Yes, that means holes in the new floor they just poured :-( He also brought the curved vBucks for the tops of the front windows.

As they finish the forms, and get the vBucks in, I should be able to get some good photos, and the house will really start to take shape.

We discussed some of the timing of the concrete pours. The walls can be poured as soon as the forms are ready, since they have the insulation from the forms to protect them from the cold. We are going to wait to pour the garage slab, and the piers for the solar panels, until after we have the roof on. Then the garage slab can be protected from the cold, right after it is poured. The piers for the solar panels, will be protected from cold by the ground itself.

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