Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain, wind, snow, and really cold work

I talked to Newt on Tuesday morning. I was worried that some of the foam sheets we had stacked up and some of the Nudura forms that hadn't been laid yet, would get blown into the next county, by the wind they were predicting we would get. Newt ran out to the property, and re-stacked the foam down in the excavation, beside the walls, so it was sheltered, then piled some wood and re-bar on top to hold it down. He also set the unused forms down in the excavation. Tuesday night the rain started. We got a fair amount of rain, then the wind picked up. We were supposed to get gusts to 55 MPH. I was a little worried about the Nudura forms that had been laid, since they are just attached with spray foam adhesive to the footers at this point.

Today I got to go out to the property, to see if any damage had been done. Thankfully, the walls seem to be where we left them, and there were only a few pieces from the garbage pile that had gotten blown around. I cleaned that up, and got to work on the second loop of PEX for the master bedroom. A nearby weather report, indicates we had winds gusting to 25 MPH and only got up to around 23 degrees F today. Yes, I can verify, it was very cold, and quite windy at my property. I managed to get the tubing laid, but the zip ties are not tightened down yet, and they haven't been clipped off yet. I'll do that tomorrow. It is supposed to be warmer, and less windy tomorrow, so hopefully I can build a fire, and that will help.

Now most of the PEX is laid. White and red loops in the forground on the right side, are in the master bedroom.

Why, yes that is snow along the south wall. The funny loop in the red tubing, in the middle of the left side, is where the front door will come in. It will be good to have a little extra heat there.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to lay the last three loops. I have most of the parts I need for pressure testing the tubing. So if I can finish laying the tubing tomorrow, and pressure test on Sunday afternoon, then we would be ready for an inspection, and concrete pour. Monday looks like it might be warm enough to pour concrete, then it looks like it is going to get cold again. So I am hoping I can get the work done on the radiant floor tubing by the end of the weekend.

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