Monday, December 21, 2009

More walls, and long screws in the floor

I talked to Newt. They were out there putting up bracing and more of the wall forms today. They are planning on finishing the forms tomorrow, and pouring on Wednesday. I think I will need to pack a lunch and drive home for lunch on Wednesday. I went out today as soon as I could, and was racing the setting sun. I got some photos before it was too dark.

Garage door and hobby room window, framed.

The back wall and the garage side wall have now been fully formed. They are braced, and it looks like they are ready for concrete.

Here they have put the braces on the walls.

They still have to finish a couple rows of forms on the east wall (family room and kitchen). But they have the braces in place, so that will probably go pretty fast tomorrow. They have to put in the braces, and finish the forms for the front wall. That will probably be what they spend most of their time on tomorrow.

View from in the garage toward the master bathroom and the hobby room.

They have the bracing in place on the west wall as well. The vBuck is installed for the garage opening, and the hobby room window. They did have to do some bracing in the garage just into the ground. But the rest of the bracing is tied into the floor slab...

One of the feet on the bracing.

My poor floor. For the best performance from the radiant heat floor, the tubing and wire mesh should have been pulled up into the slab, off the foam. However, I saw an empty box from 2 inch drywall screws. I am hoping that what they are driving into the slab is shorter than that, or that they didn't get the tubing pulled up very far into the slab. The pressure gauge is still reading pressure in the PEX. However, if they do puncture a line, we may not know, until they take the screws out.

View from the family room, out of the garage door.

Snow, hay, straw, water, forms that still need to be put up. It is pretty messy in there. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to take pictures of all the forms ready for concrete. Hmmm, there is a lot of plastic sheeting that is probably going to still be perfectly usable when we get done with this stage. I am going to have to go see how I could make use of that, if they are going to just toss it when they are done with it.

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